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  Pispas, the most entertaining preschool television series for playing and dancing   Pispas is the funniest, nicest and most ingenious wagon in television. Pure entertainment for the smaller ones! Pispas and her group of friends discover in each episode a new magic and fascinating world, where they will find cheerful characters that will join them in their next adventures. 26 episodes in which children will discover new games and very entertaining stories with Pispas and her friends, with original stories that will make their imagination fly through unseen worlds. The series has a spectacular sound track of 26 original musical themes and songs of the most diverse musical genres: Pop, Rock, Funk, Salsa, Folk, Classical, Blues, Afro… that make us jump, dance and sing with Pispas at the end of each of her adventures. ¡Jump in Pispas and Discover her!


Television channels, institutions and organizations have already done it.    

  • Foundation ATRESMEDIA: Its TV channel FAN3 broadcasts Pispas to brighten the stay of hospitalized children in more than 100 children hospitals in Spain with the motto “To smile is also urgent”.
  • Ingenio TV, Mexico: Pispas travels every weekend with her adventures, entertaining the smaller ones in thousands of Mexican homes.
  • Foundation Museo de la Paz (“Peace Museum”) of Gernika, Spain: It has declared Pispas of educational and cultural interest and has arranged for an interactive exhibition in a space of the Museum where school groups and families participate in workshops and games that promote the culture of Peace and human rights.
  • Association Columbares of Spain (declared organization of public interest by the International Red Cross): Includes Pispas in its programs for children.

The adventures of Pispas continue on mobile phones and tablets by means of 20 different applications, including: PISPAS TV, an episodes player, PISPAS EBOOKS, to enjoy a variety of interactive books based on each chapter or PISPAS GAMES, to learn with entertaining educational games.  


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